Why Join Us

Pakistan is a State which deals with number of affairs and these should be sorted out through Inter- government organizations. All the platforms need to be address properly through high communication skills; Aafreen CSS/PMS Institute is a platform which not only enhances communication skills but also writing skills as well. At this juncture, we would like to extant our gratitude to young, bright and highly motivated individuals. We hope that with the collaboration of every one we would take the vision forward.

Among all other training centers in the market we distinguish ourselves by our faculty and personal attention towards students. We prepare students for all types of competitive exams offered by FPSC and PPSC along with CSS and PMS.

Distinctive Features

  • Lectures from CSPs Technocrats & Highly Qualified Professors.
  • Checking of Written Material
  • Regular Teacher/Students Discussions
  • Special Individual Attention
  • Test Session and Mock Exams
  • Marked papers with tips on week points